• Environmental Protection

    L&A carpets consciously assumed responsibility for environmental protection during the operation. In product development and production, the Group purchases yarns containing recycled components, which can be recycled. In the printing production line, the production process is improved at the same time to ensure the rational use of each barrel of slurry. The company not only produces environmentally friendly products, but also makes the production non-polluting and non-toxic.

  • Recycle

    We believe that the end of the carpet life cycle is not the end, but a new beginning. Therefore, the value components in the carpet can be recycled and re-produced into new carpets or other products without being buried as land into the land.

  • Corporate Sustainability

    We are committed to creating the most beautiful and sustainable land for the world, and it runs through every step of our work, every step. From product selection to design, we believe that sustainable design is responsible for design.

    L&A is committed to creating a better future for consumers, partners and communities. And the highest standards of conduct for corporate citizenship are practiced around the world.