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In 1989, older Mr.zhou founded L&A Company in Shandong Province China. because he saw an opportunity to provide Geotextile nonwoven technology our China market. Proving to be a dynamic and determined innovator, he led the small L&A company to earn a reputation as a quality manufacturer . 1998, we started to provide needle punched fabric to home and building industry, especial for Sofa and Mattress, Company’s scale and markets expanded rapidly.   2007, the ownership of the company was transferred to the next generation of the family who remain committed to the vision of the company’s founder. At the same time, in order to provide customers with better service and better use of market resources, in 2009, we began to relocate most of our production capacity to Jiangsu Province, which is close to the port of Shanghai, close to the source of fiber and the development of a broader market, rapid and stable development, continuous improvement. As of October 2022, we have advanced equipment as following: 

5 Lines
high-speed Needle punch equipment
0 Line
Filament Polyester Spunbonded
0 Lines
Stitchbond non-woven equipment
0 Lines
2 Composite Production Lines
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Non-woven Industry

When my uncle founded our company over 34 years ago, he created an expectation that we would be a company with a relentless spirit of innovation. this was based upon an inherent and contagious belief that there is always a better way to do things and a better future ahead of us.  as such, we operate by a set of core beliefs that define how we go about our work. 

On behalf of the L&A team , I extend our sincere thanks to you for entrusting us with your business or your interest.

Kinny Zhou


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Needle Punch & Stitch bond