We mainly direct provide Polyester or Polypropylene Geotextile and Composite Geomembrane ( one geotextil +one HDPE and two geotextile +HDPE),
For other supporting products, we need to purchase them from associated manufacturers or can introduce them to customers directly, Like Drainage Network,Sodium Bentonte Waterproof Blanket,Geoform bag,Pipe bag, Soft Row, Geofilter, Geonet, Eco bag…etc.

Staple fiber needl punched geotextile is mainly made of high quality 100% polyester fiber or 100% polypropylene fiber as raw materials.
We have more than 30 years of good experience in this use and are familiar with the markets.
Production line can produce wide of Geotextile to 800cm, Any widths can be cut .
Weight scope is from 70gsm to 1000gsm mainly,Thickness main during 0.7mm–6mm.

1.Staple fiber geotextile has good air permeability and water permeability, so as to effectively intercept sand loss
2.Staple fiber geotextile has good water conductivity, it can automatically form a drainage channel inside the soil, the excess liquid and gas in the soil structure
3.Using staple fiber geotextile to enhance the tensile strength and deformation resistance of soil, enhance the stability of building structure and improve the quality of soil
4.The concentrated stress can be effectively diffused, transferred or decomposed to prevent the soil from being damaged by external forces
5.Can prevent the upper and lower sand, soil and concrete mixed
6.Its mesh is not easy to plug, does not affect the diversion performance
7.Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, moth-proof, and oxidation resistance
8.Its light weight, easy to use, simple construction, reduce the cost

Currently known can be widely used in railway, highway, sports venues, DAMS, water and soil construction, tunnel, culvert, coastal tidal flats, reclamation, environmental protection
and other projects in filtration, drainage, protection, reinforcement, etc. also used in agricultural breeding,