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Diverse non-woven fabric properties.

Non-woven fabrics are a popular and cost-effective option for many industries, including consumer goods,building, filtration, package, furniture, Interior decoration, greening,industry,healthcare ect… Made by needle punched or Stitchbonded or bonding fibers through heat, or pressure, they offer durability, moisture resistance, and breathability. the most important thing is environmentally friendly. Their versatility is offering an better eco-friendly option to traditional woven fabrics.

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Production LINE

Need Punched Non-woven Fabric

Stitch-bond Non-woven Fabric

We’re specialized in producing industrial textiles and n o w has 1 2 producing lines made in Germany & Switzerland as well as specialized technicians on researching and developing areas.
We supply different stitch-bond non-woven fabric and products since 2011.

Long Filament Spunbond And Needle Punched Non-wovens

The machine line can produce single and double composition spun-bounded and needle punched non-wovens of various properties with the most advanced producing technology, technique and equipment importedAnd we provide Square pattern & Smooth surface with/without glue coated which is unique in China.

Composite Non-woven Fabric

We now have 2 advanced composite production facilities with effective widths of 400mm and 2350mm, the main use of 100% fully meet the environmental requirements of the glue or film material (as a medium), the 2 to 4 layers of non-woven fabric composite together.
A variety of different specifications of non-woven fabric composite, high product firmness, tension is more powerful, different colors can be distinguished, high identification, easy to use.
Used in a variety of scenes and purposes, such as in the field of Outdoor activities, Building materials, Industrial fields, Home textile, Clothing and so on, widely used.