• The gram weight range is mainly from 80G/M2 to 220G/M2;
    If the finished Mat/Pad is made separately, it can be produced up to 1200G/M2,the thickness will be during 2.5mm –4mm.
Carpet Backing Felt Without Anti-slip

We specialize in providing needle punched process of anti-slip carpet bottom fabric, suitable for all kinds of WALL-WALL carpet, indoor and outdoor anti-slip blanket and anti-slip mat.
Our production of anti-slip carpet bottom cloth has excellent performance, soft toughness, anti-tear anti-slip effect is strong, anti-mildew moisture-proof, anti-fold, anti-slip, sound insulation, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection.
Fabric are available in a variety of colors (mainstream colors are gray, black, white, camel, etc.) and matching thickness, all can adjust according to customer requirements

Non-slip treatment, mainly through PVC spot plastic(DOT) treatment, as well as Silicone treatment,Our regular production has been able to provide 6 different patterns for customers to choose,
customers special patterns can be customized, can be made separately mold production.
For more details and your requirements, please feel free to contact us