Shoddy Felt

  • Shoddy Felt,100% recyclable, consists of shredded textiles,clothing and non-wovens materials, also commonly referred to as shoddy pad,dust-proof fabric, Insulated blanket, or mattress felt, ect…;
    It may fit various need in your business such as shipping cushioning, floor liners,product protection,sofa cushion,simmous inside,transport vehicle felt,especially in the field of agriculture widely used.
    It is is a great low cost option that also allows your business to use reclaimed and recycled shoddy felt. This a great opportunity to be a part of the circular economy.

    -Regular color: versicolor, raw white, black,gray,coffee,blue,green,red. Other colors need to be customized or wait about 30 days separately
    -Our shoddy felt is flexible, fold able, and can easily be cut. So usually packed by the bale, or roll , also cut into pieces.
    -The maximum width we can provide is up to 700CM; if treat by calendered(hard or little stiff types), the Maximum width can be up to 220cm;
    -The weight is from 150g/m2 to 650g/2 (soft type); if treat by calendered(hard or little stiff) , it can be from 200g/m2 to 1000g/m2;
    The thickness : 0.5mm–10mm

Meanwhile, we also provide 3 different composite fabric products, mainly used to meet the low cost consideration of insulation, waterproof, anti-leakage requirements.
1. Shoddy felt+ PE film composite, so as to achieve more thermal insulation, waterproof purposes.

2. Shoddy felt + PE woven fabrics composite to achieve a significant increase in two-ways tension,effectively help customers who need strong tensile fabrics and low cost options

3.High anti-aging PE film +Felt +Nano-reflective aluminum foil:
The composite product has excellent waterproof effect, full sunlight thermal reflection, thermal insulation, is one of the preferred materials for construction, such as has been used as “color steel tile waterproof and thermal insulation roof material”, customer feedback is excellent, cost-effective:

Samples are available upon request.