Quality Control

QC is our top priority.

Our Quality Control

We adhere to the customer as the center, market-oriented, investment to establish China's domestic first-class equipment production lines, and supporting testing equipment and instruments, The main parts of the equipment will be updated and adjusted according to the customer's order requirements.

Engineering Team Training

We fully cultivate our engineering team and provide them with learning and communication opportunities every six months to improve their skills, so as to ensure the performance and efficiency of our equipment and ensure the smooth operation of 24 hours a day. 

Quality Management

We stable and solid training of their own quality management team, to each order requirements as the criterion, serious work, strict quality control

Our quality management team consists of three teams, working alternately to ensure immediate inspection of each order on a daily basis.   They strictly control our process system.   

Control-Step 1&2

The first step– Before the production of each order, they will check all the details with the sales staff in advance to understand the customer’s requirements, and then start the second step– check the specifications and colors of the fibers,ensure that the correct fibre material will be used to production.

Control-Step 3

The third step– to supervise and inspect the production fabric until the winding of each roll is completed.  At the same time, the detection equipment will be used to detect the predetermined indicators of each roll of fabric to determine whether it meets the requirements of customers.

Control-Step 4

The fourth step — to supervise and inspect the workers to complete the final packing details until the goods are transported to the designated location in the warehouse for delivery.

Control-Finally Step

The finally step is that another team members shall spot check the finished fabric from the warehouse in accordance with the proportion of 10% to check whether there are problems or defects, so as to avoid quality problems to the maximum extent and not send out the defective goods

QC Team

Test Strength

Contrast Color

Control Thickness

Control Uniformity & Defect