Polyester Continuous Filament Spunbond and Needle Punched Non-wovens

The machine line from German ANDRITZ production system of spun-bounded and needle punched nonwovens of various properties with the most advanced producing technology, technique and equipment imported,and we provide Square pattern & Smooth surface, with/without glue coated which is unique in China, especially in the field of building materials and filtration.

Machine of Polyester Spunbond Fabric:

Features of Polyester Spunbond Fabric:

Smooth & Pattern

Smooth Surface

Pattern Surface

Polyester Spunbonded  Fabric

Filter Material

Minimum valid data of fabric used for filtering

Polyester continuous filament spunbond and needle punch non-woven fabric

Polyester continuous filament spunbond and needle punch non-woven fabric has excellent heat – and light – resistant properties. Even after long-term exposure to an average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, its performance hardly changed.

After a large number of experiments and practice proved that it has a variety of natural soil, water and microbial long-term corrosion resistance.

Main Application:

Hydraulic engineering dam and slope protection filter, channel isolation, seepage prevention

Foundation isolation, filtration, drainage, slope protection, retaining wall and pavement reinforcement for roads, railways and airport runways;

Port engineering soft foundation treatment, beach embankment, harbour wharf and protective embankment reinforcement, drainage

Now, this fabric has been widely used in the field of infrastructure construction, and gradually expanded to a wider range of applications

Features of Polyester Spunbond and Needle punch fabric:

Spunbonded & Needle punch

Continuous Filament Fabric